New Year 2010!
    Starting Out Right

    by Paul Barrett

    Chronologically, 2010 may be a new year, but in reality, when you think about it, is it really new?

    It seems to defy logic that people would call it a new year and then approach it with the same old negative attitudes, the same old negative habits, the same old negative friends, the same old negative dead-end job, and the same old negative and dreary existence. But that seems to be the story of human nature; for some mysterious reason, human beings are not always logical creatures.

    The truth is, 2010 will not be a new year unless you make it new! New means change! To make 2010 a New Year you must change. You must turn over a new leaf and become a new person. You must become a person with personal power and the ability to make good on your new year resolutions.

    Resolutions and Change
    Change is the key to making your new year resolutions more than empty words. Anyone can talk big. We hear it all the time, how someone is going to change his world

    * I'm going to be rich
    * I'm going to be a success
    * I'll spend more time with the family
    * I'm going to improve my relationships
    * I'll quite smoking
    * I'm going to spend less
    * I will stop using charge cards
    * I'm going to get out of debt
    * I will lose weight

    You've heard it before. In fact, you may have been the one saying it! But how many people put action behind their words? Most don't. As a result, their resolutions become meaningless breaths of air dissipating into another empty, un-empowering year.

    Their empty words drag them, one more rung, down the ladder of new year resolution's foiled promises. Don't you think it's time to turn your resolutions into success?

    Aren't you tired of being the star in a hard-luck movie? Playing the same loser role? Isn't it time to replace negative programing and start making your new year resolutions a reality? I think it is and I think you can do it. But now it's time for you to think and believe that you can do it, and then take action.

    Taking Action
    A new year brings excitement and promise. Don't let it fade into another old year. Make 2010 a year of success. There's still time to overcome defeat and become a Winner.

    Most people can't do it alone. They need help in the form of guidance, motivation, and support. The Financial Wisdom Seminar is an affordable and extremely powerful way to get you back on track for 2010 and to keep you on track.

    I believe that you can change your future, starting with your resolutions for 2007. If you would like more information about theFinancial Wisdom Seminar give us a call and let us help!

    How is 2010 progressing? Are you reaching your goals and keeping your resolutions? If 2007 is not your best of years, get in touch with us and let us help you achiever your goals and live up to your resolutions.

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