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  • As a member you are entitled to: IFI Consumer Watchdog.
    IFI Consumer Watchdog

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    • Join the thousands
      who have improved their lives

      IFI Intro-Seminar Included FREE with membership!!

      The original
      Financial Wisdom Seminar

        Since 1985
        Leader in Financial Planning
        This is a program that really works

      The IFI is dedicated to helping you
      increase and preserve your wealth.

      • Overcome Financial Difficulties

      • Become Prosperous

      • Achieve Financial Independence

        In the Financial Wisdom Seminar™ we can teach you how to effectively manage your money. We will show you how to get out of debt and how to stay out! Using our unique Cost Cutting Series™ you will learn how to substantially cut your living costs. In the workshop you will compose your own Simplified Financial Plan™ – a plan that will help you reach your goals.

        With our seminar, you will also learn how to discover a host of money-making opportunities and how to invest you money wisely. Our goal is to help you become financially independent.

        Be a part of this dynamic opportunity to get started on a new financial adventure. Your future is important. Don't waste time and money. Get going in the right direction.

        The Financial Wisdom Seminar™ is the most cost effective workshop you will find. Can you afford not to learn the skill of money management?

        When you are ready to improve you money management skills, we are willing to help.

        Give us a call at: (561) 627-2345