A Book Review of Financial Wisdom

Financial Wisdom, by Paul Barrett, offers us insight into the reality of financial independence and how we can achieve it.

How to get out of debt, achieve financial independence and discover a wealth of opportunities are only some of the highlights of Financial Wisdom.

This step-by-step, how-to-do-it, guide teaches us to know ourselves, increase our knowledge, overcome trials and tribulations, build character, face our enemy and take action. "Without action dreams die, goals are lost, and life is half lived. This is the moment to act."

    Barrett's vision is filled with the sort of common sense no longer quite so common. He teaches that, "The vision you seek is within yourself; it is your dream. Only you can see it, and only you can make it come true." A reliable and thought provoking guide.

    (Please Note: Financial Wisdom is no longer available throught bookstores or other sources. The only source is throught the IFI for those attending the complete Financial Wisdom Seminar.)

    Financial Wisdom
    by Paul Barrett

Excerpts from Financial Wisdom

Read a few pages of Financial Wisdom!

    Decision Time

    "Do you want to be in control? Are you tired of feeling insecure about the future and your ability to change it? Well then you have a decision to make. It's up to you. It's you choice. Will you build a new future? Or will tomorrow be just another empty day filled with the same difficulties you faced the day before? Are you ready to build a new future?" For more, see page 133 of Financial Wisdom


    "....most people will spend more time looking for a lost set of keys or a misplaced telephone number than they will ever spend looking for opportunities that will set them free. When opportunity knocks, not only are most people not listening, most won't even bother to answer the door!" If you want to take advantage of opportunity,
    see page 228.

    Financial Wisdom can help you:

      *Change Your Attitudes from Negative to Positive
      * Overcome Procrastination
      * Calculate your Net Worth
      * Get out of Debt
      * Establish a Budgeting Plan
      * Discover Your Own Personal Vision
      * Set Goals
      * Discover Money Making Opportunities
      * Become Financially Independent

      Whatever is lacking in your life, Financial Wisdom can help supply. Major and miraculous transformations have occured in the lives of those who have read Financial Wisdom and applied its principles.

      Financial Wisdom will show you how to take control and create a beautiful life. You and your family deserve a second chance at a new life.

      Your investment in Financial Wisdom could be worth thousands of dollars more than the price you pay!

      Improve your Relationships
      Money is one of the major causes of divorce and marital difficulties. By applying the principles in Financial Wisdom you can improve your relationship with your spouse and children. Once you incorporate wisdom into your life, everything improves. You can create a life of health, happiness, and prosperity.

      Test Yourself

      Do you want more out of life?

      Do you dream of being financially independent?

      Is money slipping out of your hands?

      Are you wasting valuable dollars?

      Are you unable to get started?

      Just can't get around to it?

      If you answered yes to any of the above questions,
      you need Financial Wisdom! To learn more, read some excerpts from Financial Wisdom.

      More Excerpts from Financial Wisdom

      Off the Treadmill - Obtaining Power
      The activities of life have a way of making the wheels of your mind turn around and around. You may have some good ideas, things you want to start, or wishes you hope will come true. But your daily routine keeps your mind spinning. The churning never stops.

      With all this spinning, your thoughts remain unsettled, new beginnings are pushed into the future and reality becomes a blur. Yes, you may have some good ideas, things you want to start, or wishes you hope will come true. Maybe within you is a great dream about to emerge, but the spinning never stops.

      Life seems to move too fast to grasp hold of reality. Opportunities pass you by. When you ask, "When will life slow down, when can I relax, when will I be given a chance?" - there is no answer. Just the constant endless churning of time that takes you one step further away from where you desire to be."

      Does that sound like your life?

      Do you want to get off the treadmill?

      Do you want to obtain power?

      If You do, See page 71

      Is a hidden force holding you back?
      "What force compels heart attack victims who have recovered from by-pass surgery to continue in their self-destructive habits? What causes the dieter to quit, just as long-awaited results are forthcoming? Why do the majority of hard working Americans, after a potential fortune has passed through their hands, end up with less than $250 in cash at retirement? What is this compelling force that causes people to act contrary to their better judgement?" Discover on page 8

      Do you have low self-esteem?
      Are you an impulsive spender?
      Or a gullible purchaser?
      Are you gambling with your future?
      Are you fearful?
      Do you worry?
      Are you a procrastinator?

      In chapter two, find out how to
      overcome these problems.

      Face Reality
      Before you can face a problem, before you can overcome a situation, you must face the issue. I believe you're an extremely important person. In fact, you are so important, I think you should take the time to face yourself and to know who you are. I believe you should make an appointment each and every day with one of the most important persons in the world, the person who is now walking on the path of wisdom - yourself.

      To know, one must seek. To seek, one must question. To question, makes one wise. Are you sincerely willing to become Financially Wise?
      See page 27

      Bridge the Gap
      "All accomplishments are the result of dreams. However, before dreams can materialize, you need a starting point. The starting point of all action and the beginning of all accomplishments, begins in the form of a dream established as a goal.... establishing a goal is the way to bridge the gap between the subconscious mind and the physical world. It's the starting point of all action leading to great accomplishments!"
      See Page 104

      Do you understand how critical goals are to success? Do you need help in setting them?
      See Chapter 5

      Do you want to discover money making opportunities?
      See Chapter 15

      Do you know what's the most powerful force in the world?
      Discover in Chapter 7

      Are you ready to know yourself, discover who you are, overcome your weak points, and develop a positive outlook on life? Then Financial Wisdom is for you!

      My company, the Institute for Financial Integity, Inc. uses Financial Wisdom in its seminars and workshops. By attending a Financial Wisdom Seminar, you can get the extra support and encouragement you need to make important changes in your life. You can improve your life. The only question is, are you willing to do it?

      Let us Help!
      Let us help you get started on a new life that leads to health, wealth, and happiness. If you want to become Financially Independent, read Financial Wisdom and attend a Financial Wisdom Seminar. Dont procrastinate, dont delay, you are wasting precious time.You are worth it and owe it to yourself to create the best life possible. Let us help!

      How to face the future after the 9-11 attack.
      How to Face the Future
      Is there a future? Plan on it!
      To read the advice in Financial Wisdom,
      Click here

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