Financial Wisdom
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Financial Wisdom
by Paul Barrett

A Book Review of Financial Wisdom

Financial Wisdom, by Paul Barrett, offers us insight into the reality of financial independence and how we can achieve it.

How to get out of debt, achieve financial independence and discover a wealth of opportunities are only some of the highlights of Financial Wisdom.

This step-by-step, how-to-do-it, guide teaches us to know ourselves, increase our knowledge, overcome trials and tribulations, build character, face our enemy and take action. "Without action dreams die, goals are lost, and life is half lived. This is the moment to act."

    Barrett's vision is filled with the sort of common sense no longer quite so common. He teaches that, "The vision you seek is within yourself – it is your dream. Only you can see it, and only you can make it come true." A reliable and thought provoking guide.

    (Please Note: Financial Wisdom is no longer available throught bookstores or other sources. The only source is throught the IFI for those attending the complete Financial Wisdom Seminar™.)

Excerpts from Financial Wisdom

Read a few pages of Financial Wisdom!

    Decision Time

    "Do you want to be in control? Are you tired of feeling insecure about the future and your ability to change it? Well then you have a decision to make. It's up to you. It's you choice. Will you build a new future? Or will tomorrow be just another empty day filled with the same difficulties you faced the day before? Are you ready to build a new future?" For more, see page 133 of Financial Wisdom


    "....most people will spend more time looking for a lost set of keys or a misplaced telephone number than they will ever spend looking for opportunities that will set them free. When opportunity knocks, not only are most people not listening, most won't even bother to answer the door!" If you want to take advantage of opportunity,
    see page 228.

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Financial Wisdom
by Paul Barrett
If your life is not working as well as you desire, if your finances are in a mess, you need wisdom – Financial Wisdom!

Financial Wisdom
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Financial Wisdom will help you:

• Overcome Procrastination

• Plan your Life

• Achieve your Dreams

• Set Goals

• Get Out of Debt

• Become Financially Independent

If you want to prosper, if you want wealth, but its beyond your reach, you need wisdom – Financial Wisdom!

• Overcome Financial Difficulties

• Become Prosperous

• Achieve Financial Independence

The IFI is dedicated to helping you increase and preserve your wealth.

How to:
Face the Future.
A 9-11 response as found in Financial Wisdom.
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