Small Business Specialists

Our Mission: To help small businesses turnaround and recover from setbacks. Once stabilized, we concentrate on improving productivity, sales, and net income.

Our Philosophy: Look for the best solution and take action. Most limitations are self-imposed.

Every business, no matter how successful, can be improved.



Strategic Planning




Raising Capital

Financial Projections

General Management

Cost Reduction

Sales Training

Employee Relations


Small Business Specialists

Let us help you:

• Focus on priorities

• Develop a new perspective

• Overcome an overwhelming workload

• Gain expertise

• Expand your business

• Obtain financing

Quick View

Take advantage of our Quick View evaluation. For a flat fee one of our consultants will evaluate your business and offer recommendations. This is a 3 to 4 hour evaluation for only $250. A professional insight into your business may be invaluable. Call for details. (561) 655-6580

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