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In 1990 I wrote the book Financial Wisdom - and over 25 years ago I originated the Financial Wisdom Seminar. During that period, I taught countless thousands of people how to improve their lives.

Financial Wisdom is not just about money, It's about improving every facet of your life. Its about creating a better life. What does it matter if you become wealthy, if you destroy your health in the process? Or you destroy your family or peace of mind? Even the Bible asks the question, "What does it profit a man if he gains the world, but loses his soul?"

To become Financially Wise you need to integrate all facets of your life and make improvements in each area. To create a better life, you must constantly keep improving or your life will slowly disintegrate. In one of his songs, Bob Dylan sings, "He not busy being born is busy dying." Are you busy being born? Are you busy improving your life and your future? Is your life going somewhere? Is it improving? Are you busy being born? Or is your life stagnating? Is is going downhill? Are you sitting in front of a TV night after night? Are you busy dying?

Synergistic Effect
To create a better life, your personal goals, as well as your life structure, must be integrated into your financial goals. Although I am teaching Financial Wisdom, the lessons taught have a positive effect on all areas of a person's life. The truth is, to create a better life, the financial aspects cannot be separated from the personal areas of life. For example, you cant have a successful life if you ignore your health or your relationships in the pursuit of money. You must have balance and improve all areas. What's really interesting is that the lessons in Financial Wisdom have a synergistic effect. When you improve your relationships, you improve your finances. It's facinating but true, all things are connected and integrated into one. In fact, the dynamic relationship between money and the other areas of life is what inspired me to write Financial Wisdom.

My goal is to help you create a better life. It's important that I provide you with knowledge. But knowledge alone will never improve your life. You must know how to act upon that knowledge and implement the principles into an action plan. This is where most people fail.

Meaningful Specific
The famous motivational speaker and author, Zig Ziggler asks, are you a wondering generality, or a meaningful specific? That question is critical to understanding the basic principles of success. Understand, that a wondering generality is a person who has no goals or direction in life, or if they do they are too general. They are like feathers in the wind. There are several documented studies that prove that people who write down their goals are most likely to achieve them. Those without written goals almost always fail.

Wondering generalities never achieve goals. They are people who will do it someday. Someday they will get around to improving their lives or accomplishing their goals. But we all know what happens. Someday, never comes around. Years later, people who wait for that someday to happen will look back and realize they wasted thier lives.

Meaningful specifics on the other hand, are people who have a very specific purpose in life. They know what they want and they get go for it. Everyday they make progress towards their goals. Thier lives have purpose and direction.

Wisdom's Lessons -- Transforming Lives
One of my goals is to help you transform yourself from a wondering generality into a meaningful specific -- thats Wisdom! Yes, I want to help you create a better life!

To become a meaningful specific, you need to find purpose and direction. To create a better life, there are lessons you must learn.

What's so ironic is that most people are already taking some type of lesson. Everday people are taking tennis lessons, golf lessons, piano lessons, dance lessons, etc. The list goes on.

But the irony is that most people seldom take lessons to improve the quality of their lives. They seem to care more about a golf game than they do their lives. They seem to care more about their tennis swing than they do the relationships in their lives. Yes, lessons to improve a game mean more than losing that unhealthy weight. They seem more interested in hitting a ball accross a golf course than the decisions that affect their finances.

Facing Reality
Why do unimportant things seem to take precedent over the vital areas of life? I believe that people actually care. In fact, I believe they care so much that it becomes painful to face reality. They care so much that they are not willing to face the truth about their lives. Instead, they escape in a game of golf or tennis. Instead, they hide their heads in the sand, hoping that things will turn out ok. Sadly, problems seldom fix themselves. If you want to create a better life, you must face reality. You must make it a priority, You must learn. You must take action. You must become wise.

Are you willing to improve your life? Are you ready to make changes? Are you ready to get started?

If you are really willing to make changes and create a new life, then take that step and call us. Attend a Financial Wisdom Seminar. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. In fact, the seminar is free! You have no excuse for not giving it a try!

I promise, if you attend a Financial Wisdom Seminar, it will change your life. Dont hesitate, do it now. Don't let circumstances rob you of one more day of precious life. Dont let unimportant things distract you, Don't let any insecurities or self-doubts hold you back. Decide now, committ now, Pick up the telephone and call us. Make that call and start creating a new and better life.

At this very moment you are at a fork in the road. One direction leads to a new and better life. The other direction leads to deeper despair and a life of utter meaningless. Change the course of your life! Take the road that leads to a new and better life.

Make the call, contact us. Leave a message. Just say you want to attend a seminar and I will do all that is in my power to teach you principles that will change your life and lead to a new beginning. I look forward to meeting and serving you.

Your friend and author,

Paul Barrett

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