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My name is Paul Barrett, I am the author of Financial Wisdom and the originator of the Financial Wisdom Seminar. I am also the the founder of the IFI, a seminar instructor, and a business consultant.

The IFI -- Protecting Your Wealth Since 1985

Financial Wisdom is about moving in positive directions. It's about achieving results. It's about improving your finances. It's about improving your life. It's about getting healthy and enjoying a state of happiness and prosperity.

I hope you will get to know me better as you visit this site. I also invite you to attend one of our FREE live seminars.

Because our site covers many areas, it's possible to get lost trying to view all the pages. We offer this page as a quick way for you to gain insight into what we do.

Although we cannot cover everything our site does on this page, it's an easy and quick way to get started.

The IFI is an abbreviation for the Institute for Financial Integrity. The IFI is dedicated to helping you succeed.

Success is the key word. At the IFI we are dedicated to your success.

To help you achieve success the IFI has dozens of programs, information sites, resources, and live seminars geared to your success.

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Unlike most sites, ours offers both online and live resources to help you achieve success. As you view our site, you will discover countless ways to help insure that you can achieve your goals.

Listen to an explanation of what Financial Wisdom is all about.

On our website you will find the following:

Help for Individuals and Families:
On our site you will discover many Money Making Methods and Opportunities. You will also learn more about the Financial Wisdom Book and the Financial Wisdom Seminar. You will also be invited to become an IFI Member. Once a member you will be shown a multitude of Ways to save a ton of Money and become financially independent, secure, and prosperous. This site will also introduce you to Financial Planning and Investment Information, and more!

IFI Programs:

The IFI Program includes: IFI Membership, money guides, books, seminars, discounts, the IFI Inner Circle, the IFI Consumer Watchdog, several FREE newsletters and more!

We can also help you:
Save Money - including discounts and coupons. Increase your wealth, discover money making opportunities, take advatage of business opportunities, choose sound investment choices, and more!

The IFI also publishes several directories to help you find businesses as well as financial professionals. Some of our Directories include: the IFI Network --Professional directories, Autos, New Homes, Businesses and more!

We hope you book mark our site and visit often. To stay in contact we are offering you a
FREE newsletter that will help you stay abreast of economic issues as well as the stock market and more.

Our mission is to provide you with Motivation, Inspiration and Guidance!

Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to meeting and serving you.

God bless you,
Paul Barrett

Our Mission is to Help You Succeed

Protecting your Wealth Since 1985

Since 1985 the Institute for Financial Integrity (IFI) has been a driving force helping businesses and individuals prosper financially.

Integrity Stands for:

"A Moral Code of Values"


In conjuntion with offering personal financial information, the Institute also distributes the book, Financial Wisdom, and conducts Financial Wisdom Seminars’Ѣ.

The Institute also publishes informative documents on investing, money management, real estate, and other areas of financial planning.

Helping our Members:

* Overcome Financial Difficulties * Become Prosperous

* Achieve Financial Independence * Get Healthy

* Enjoy Life * Become Positive

IFI Programs

* Financial Wisdom Book * Financial Wisdom Seminar

* IFI Consumer Watchdog * IFI Inner Circle *Money Saving Specials

* Auto Purchases * Home Purchases * E-mail Newsletters

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    Live National Seminars!

    Thousands of Members!

    We do not sell: insurance, investment advice, mutual funds, etc.

    We are information oriented. Read our book, and attend a live seminar!

    Stay abreast of: economy, stock market, investment trends, business ideas and more!

    Help with buying a car, house, finding a professional and more.

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    Stay ahead: economy, stock market, investment trends, business ideas and more!

Help for Individuals and Families
* Health * Happiness * Prosperity

Growing in Health and Wealth, Staying Positive, Enjoying Life, Improving Relationships, Money Management, Investing, Retirement, Financial Independence and Stability, and more!

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